I’m a passionate web developer who has been building websites for the past 15 years. I have experience with Sharepoint, Drupal, Websphere, Plone and WordPress.

I am currently learning about cyber security to compliment my skills in the web industry.

I am no longer operating as a sole-trader due to full-time employment and having two little kids. However, some history of how I got established is provided below.

History of establishing my own business

I was around 18 to 20 years old when I established my business. I had been working as a network administrator for the ACT Government after graduating from college. I saved every dollar I could and purchased a domain and web hosting and offered web design services.

I volunteered my time with a few non-profit organisations (website assistance) and find it rewarding to help those in need and teach new skills. The first website I built and maintained was for Burley Griffin Canoe Club. When I wasn’t coding, I was kayaking or playing canoe polo.

Past clients have included:

  • ACT Women’s AFL
  • Chai Bus (now known as Bondi Chai)
  • Blue Green Pacific Massage Therapy
  • Customs Officers Association of Australia
  • Comfort Inn Airport Hotel
  • Goddard & Howse Travel Agency
  • MotoCentral
  • Puppy Paw Play
  • Rotating Head Productions
  • Qualia Recordings
  • Trailzone Australia
  • The Wilderness Society
  • Workout genius