Never edit directly in production

A developer and I were recently speaking about the challenges that come with working within the web industry.

That awkward moment you are told to make changes directly in production. My friend had the perfect response:

I would say that development and staffing environments are a fundamental part of website management, as they allow discreetly previewing and testing unapproved changes, embargoed content etc, and is intrinsically built into the ***** platform. Any remotely complex change to a website, involving changes to files, code and the database run the risk of breaking the website, interfering with external services relying on the website, publicly exposing private content, denying the public users access to the website etc.

Directly changing code in production is highly dangerous and should never, never, never be done. There’s a reason there are memes about ‘**** it, well fix it in production!’

Basically if the service you are paying tens of thousands a year for provides the means to avoid all these potential disasters, you would be crazy not to use it!

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