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Breast cancer and it’s impact

March 3, 2018 by

The shock of diagnosis

We don’t choose our genetics. Yet our genetics can contribute to this killer.¬†Watch out for:

  • A lump in the breast
  • Thickening, swelling or dimpling of the breast
  • Skin irritation
  • Distortion or retraction of the skin
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Nipple discharge

As medical specialists do their best to learn how to improve and manage the risk as either a preventative or treatment plan, it is critical to focus on the mind of the individual suffering.

Living the nightmare without income

The nightmare is real as you wonder:

  • what the treatment options are
  • chances of survival/success – is treatment going to pay off?
  • impact of family and friends including dependents
  • how to fund treatment
  • whether to receive treatment locally or elsewhere

The other demands of life do not disappear. If you’re lucky, you’ll have support that can minimize stress in your life.

Undergoing treatment

To give you an idea from the perspective of a sufferer:

  • anxiety increases for both mother and children involved
  • dreams and desires are shattered
  • bank balance decreases
  • loss of independence and depending on others for support increases
  • moods alternate: fighter vs giving up

As treatment intensifies or concludes, you can experience many nasty side effects.

Intense impact that can drive away support networks

As you go through intense treatment, feeling like crap, not knowing whether you’ll survive – your mind is all over the place.

During these circumstances family members may disappear and leave you struggling on your own whilst trying to raise children.

Raising support for cancer patients like Heather

This article doesn’t even come close to describing what Heather, a young mother with 3 kids is going through here in Canberra.

Is communication from a treating team of specialists much to ask for?”

I’m the one fighting cancer, receiving treatment and my efforts to find out further details are getting nowhere. We called reception at Radiology and they spoke over us and then hanged up as we asked questions. All I want to know is if the chemotherapy is working and when my next appointment is”

As much as she needs financial support for treatment and her 3 kids, what she could benefit from the most is communication.

No body doubts that doctors are doing their best to save lives. But cancer patients shouldn’t be treated this way!

Got these skills to assist Heather and her 3 children?

  • accounting
  • financial assistance
  • emotional support
  • child care / early education

Email to discuss further.

Using technology for social good: #teamhuman

For passion not profit, I’ve been busy developing solutions and forming strong partnerships with leading IT companies within Australia to increase support available to patients just like Heather.

Goals and objectives of our partnered solutions:

  • improve communication with patients via self-service
  • effectively manage and measure complaints and resolutions
  • automation of manual procedures
  • accurate, real time analytics e.g. emergency department and patients awaiting permission and waiting times can be automated and honest
  • boost the morale of depressed patients through technology that can focus on stimulating regions of their brain that is under utilized.

Can you imagine the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence and Visual Recognition can provide to the medical sector? Technology has rapidly advanced.

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