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Uploading to Youtube Videos

January 29, 2018 by

Talking to an 80 year old on the phone at the moment, I had to think of a quick way to talk him through how to upload videos to Youtube and enter in titles and descriptions.

This conversation is really highlighting how the user interface of Youtube could be improved.

Instructions for uploading to youtube

What you need to do before you get started

  • have all of your videos in a directory (CD or USB stick acceptable)
  • have the directory of all your video files open in windows explorer e.g. My documents > Videos
  • know your username and password for Youtube
  • write down what you want the title and description for each video to be

Uploading on Youtube

  1. Click on the icon that looks like an ‘Up’ arrow. The upload screen will load.
  2. Drop and drag files from windows explorer (e.g. from “My documents > videos”)
  3. Click ‘save’. A screen will load that shows you the progress of each video.
  4. Click ‘publish all’ whilst on the video progress screen.

Editing videos after uploading

You may need to change the title and description or wish to provide tagging on your videos.

Editing applies to the video as a ‘whole’ and not each individual chapter/section of a video.

To do this:

  1. Click on ”Creator studio” by clicking on your profile photo at the top right of youtube
  2. Click “Edit” (not on the photos)
  3. Enter in desired description, title and tagsĀ 
  4. Click ‘save’

Why blog about this?

A question from someone who lives nearby.

Analytics have taught me that where a user interface isn’t serving it’s job, people will always turn to google for guidance. That’s more traffic for me.

Likewise, in the early 2000’s I never thought I’d be asked how to uninstall Freecell from a journalist at the BBC who was so distracted it delayed the publishing of her novel. I decided to publish the trick, which then bought in additional interest. Other websites would link to me, and my rankings in Google improve.

A flashback from the past:

Ending my trip down memory lane!

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