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Tips to Get a Better Website from a Designer

January 28, 2018 by

Where some Designers go wrong

A new client of mine (a small political party) was recently talking about other companies they met with who could not convince them to sign up.  They also reflected on where they went wrong in the past.

Upon looking at their previous work, they failed to:

  1. Minimize text & write for the web (use clear headings &  bullet points)
  2. Follow hierarchy in typography
  3. Source real, authentic photos

Why does this matter and what does it mean?

Minimizing Text & writing for the web

Text needs to be as succinct as possible i.e.  conveyed with minimal wording. Semantic use of headings and bullet points can help to achieve this.

Research shows individuals spend 23 hours on the internet per week. Websites compete with social media for a users time.

Following hierarchy in typography.

This means knowing where to appropriately use:

  • titles
  • bold text
  • block quotes
  • regular text.

Without applying the right techniques, a design can be too overwhelming and busy.

White-space is your best friend.

Use real authentic photos 

It is often pointless to spend money on spectacular stock photos. According to research, photos that are not perceived as real or authentic can detract from business credibility.

It is critical that a photo can relate not only to the product or service, but can establish engagement with the customer.

Featured photo in this post: my former Border Collie Porscha.


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