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Winning redesign clients

January 18, 2018 by

I’ve recently met a few business owners that are struggling and see opportunity through a better website to thrive. I was asked to provide some insight on how I influence their thought processes during times where money may be tight.

Discussing goals; usually they start with:

  • achieving brand recognition
  • increase likes, follows and conversions through social media
  • a prettier, engaging design
  • better rankings in google

Understanding their business; finding out what problems to solve (they don’t always know) 

I research their business, their competitors, looking for weaknesses before I even start looking at design. I often build on their goals and give fresh inspiration.

Investing in digital transformation; increasing profit, and reducing expenses

The solution is rarely design. It’s transformation. Clients like being involved in how to discover opportunities to rethink processes.

There isn’t always a need for new design or technology. Realignment alone can be successful. A greater understanding of how we can better use the technology available to us can reduce expenses and increase efficiency and productivity.

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